Backend Engineer / System Engineer

Our Chinese subsidiary invites excellent backend engineers and system engineers to join. We hope to build a new generation of enterprise-level software products with talents who have passion, ideas, and pursuits for backend technology. So that we can achieve a grand blueprint for “machine programming”, “machine debugging”, “machine testing” and “machine demonstration”. Not required to be an expert, but strong learning ability and the desire of knowledge is required.

What you may do, one or multiple items from the below:

  1. OpenResty Lua development
  2. Nginx core development and optimization
  3. LuaJIT core research and development
  4. Linux system programming and network programming
  5. Linux optimization and development related to operating system kernels such as macOS
  6. Improvement and optimization of debugging and dynamic tracing tool chains such as GDB/LLDB/SystemTap/BCC/eBPF
  7. Dynamic tracing and automation of virtualization technology stacks such as Docker, KVM and QEMU
  8. Development, optimization and maintenance of DSL compilers in various upper-level domains
  9. Development of dynamic tracing tools for various open source technology stacks (PHP, V8/ModeJS, Java/JVM, Python, Go, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Chrome, etc.)

What skills you should have (not all of them, but the more the better):

  1. solid C language skill
  2. familiar with Lua, Perl or Python languages
  3. familiar with shell scriping languages (bash, csh, etc.)
  4. not only can you quickly write high-quality code yourself, but you can also quickly read code written by others
  5. quickly understands various technology stacks (such as VMs and interpreters for various programming languages, open source databse cores, internal implementations of Web servers, etc.)
  6. experienced in performance optimization
  7. have a wealth of experience in troubleshooting various different issues

Eclectic, challenge lover, innovation lover. Always be curious about new technolofies, new theories, new algorithms. A pursuit of good and clean code. Have open source genes and embrace the open source community. Show us the best/coolest open source project you have ever done. We do not mind your academic qualifications, your graduated school and your work experience. No limitation on the place of work, all of our members are remote working right now.

Interested candidates please send your resume and your best/coolest project to