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Pinpointing hottest Lua code paths in online OpenResty/Nginx servers (using OpenResty XRay)

How we solved a CPU bottleneck caused by Lua exceptions in a custom Kong plugin (using OpenResty XRay)

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Memory and CPU usage statistics among Kong plugins online (using OpenResty XRay)

Photo by Yichun Zhang

When Lua IPC Pipes Block OpenResty or Nginx's Event Loops

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Listing Loaded Lua Modules in OpenResty or Nginx Processes

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Streaming HTTP Response Output in OpenResty

Photo by Michal Matlon

Precompile Lua Modules into LuaJIT Bytecode to Speedup OpenResty Startup

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Timing Lua Code Correctly in OpenResty

Photo by Andrik Langfield

Share Data Across Requests Served by OpenResty

Photo by Gautam Ganguly

The resty Command-Line Utility Demo

Photo by Markus Spiske & Yichun Zhang

Write Your Own Lua Modules for OpenResty Applications

Photo by Gerry Roarty

Hello World HTTP Example in OpenResty

Photo by 2Photo Pots

Introduction to Lua-Land CPU Flame Graphs

Photo by Guido Jansen
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