OpenResty Inc. launch new real time diagnostics product

OpenResty Inc. an intelligent software company providing products which manage and optimize performance, reliability, and security of business-critical web applications, has raised a Series A round with financing led by Sphere 5200 Inc. on April 20thof this year, unperturbed by disruptions from COVID-19. The series A investment of $1.5M marks OpenResty Inc. having raised a total of over $4 million since its inception in 2017.

The San Francisco Bay Area based company is committed to creating software that troubleshoots code bugs without invading the user’s code itself in an open source environment, thereby being able to monitor and trace web applications in a transparent manner. Already a frontrunner in the market and known for their reliable network traffic management software, OpenResty sees the investment as an opportunity for even more development. The raised funds and the company’s present efforts are directed towards further refining their technologies. Teams have been working hard on products such as OpenResty Edge, a distributed traffic management platform first launched in August of 2017, where a demo can be requested on their website, and OpenResty XRay, which provides real-time diagnostics for target machine systems and is already out for beta testing. This may serve to widen OpenResty’s leading margin in the market. The link for a free trial of OpenResty XRay or click here to learn more about OpenResty Edge.

OpenResty is moving fast. In March of this year, the company released OpenResty and OpenResty RC1 which improved security in its Nginx core and ngx_http_lua module. Meanwhile, the next release of OpenResty (based on the recent nginx 1.17.8 core and its RC1 version) is out for community testing, available on its website.

Presently, the company’s open source web platform has over 4 million downloads worldwide and they’ve collected over 35 thousand stars on GitHub. OpenResty’s products are designed to help developers and businesses easily build scalable web applications, web services, and dynamic web gateways. Attesting OpenResty’s dependability, from online portal to e-commercial then online video streaming site, most of the popular websites are using some kind of OpenResty in different industries. As for future plans? OpenResty Inc. strives to become the world’s first automated programming company.