We have just kicked out a new release candidate, OpenResty RC1, for the community to test out.

Source package


PGP for this source tarball:


Windows binary packages

Win64 version:


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Win32 version:


PGP for the Win32 zip file:



Special thanks go to all our developers and contributors! Also thanks Junlong Li, and Jiahao Wang for their help in preparing this release.

Version highlights

The highlights of this release candidate are:

  • Based on a very recent mainline NGINX core 1.19.9.
  • Many fixes imported from Mike Pall’s upstream LuaJIT repository.
  • Introduce a new macro LUAJIT_TEST_FIXED_ORDERfor fixed-order traversal of lua tables.
  • When lua failed in requesting memory, instead of graceful shutdown, abort() is called.
  • Now the get_ctx_table supports using the ctx table from caller, and that will reduce the cost of creating a new ctx table.
  • Fixed the bug that the metatable was not cleared when clearing the content of lua table when using lua-tablepool.
  • For a better performance when using lua-tablepool, discard the objects when the pool size is larger than the max_pool_size.
  • Implemented ngx.process API API for stream subsystem.

Full Changelog

Complete change logs since the last (formal) release,, see:



Feedback on this release is more than welcome. Feel free to create new GitHub issues or send emails to one of our mailing lists.