OpenResty released

OpenResty, based on the Nginx 1.17.8 core, has been officially released. For the full announcement with a list of detailed changes, highlights, and testing, see here. Because of the miscellaneous security updates, we recommend all OpenResty users to upgrade to this version. A brief overview of the most notable changes: The OpenSSL used by all our official OpenResty binaries has been upgraded to 1.1.1g. This is the latest version of the main line of 1.1.1 series. We have also added the official OpenResty binary repository for the following Linux distributions: Alpine 3.12, OpenSUSE 15.2, Ubuntu 14.04, and Fedora 28. In addition, we have dropped support for PUC-Rio Lua; from now on, only LuaJIT 2.x is supported. Furthermore, our final release tarball size is now 3.5MB, down from 4.7MB.


Special thanks go to all our developers, sponsors, and contributors! Also thanks Thibault Charbonnier, Junlong Li, and Lujia Zhai for their help in preparing this release.

Full Changelog

Complete change logs since the last (formal) release,, can be browsed in the page Change Log for 1.17.8.x.


Feedback on this release is more than welcome. Feel free to create new GitHub issues or send emails to one of our mailing lists.

The Next Release

The next version of OpenResty is scheduled to be released in early October, only three months away, and will be based on the core of the Nginx 1.19.x series. A big shoutout and thanks to all of our sponsors, contributors, and users!

To those interested in finding out more about our new commercial product, OpenResty XRay, see here for more information.