Find the largest Python objects or values taking the most RAM (using OpenResty XRay)

How CPU time is spent inside Rust’s Sled library

How CPU time is spent inside Go's etcd server (using OpenResty XRay)

How CPU time is spent inside llama.cpp + LLaMA2 (using OpenResty XRay)

Find Blocking Go Code Paths Holding back CPU Usage (Using OpenResty XRay)

Pinpointing the hottest Go code paths with high CPU usage (using OpenResty XRay)

Pinpointing the blocking Python code paths (using OpenResty XRay)

Two bugs in Linux kernels' tracing subsystem (found by OpenResty XRay)

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Pinpointing hottest Perl code paths (using OpenResty XRay)

OpenResty Released

Pinpointing hottest Lua code paths in online OpenResty/Nginx servers (using OpenResty XRay)

How we solved a CPU bottleneck caused by Lua exceptions in a custom Kong plugin (using OpenResty XRay)

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Memory and CPU usage statistics among Kong plugins online (using OpenResty XRay)

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Troubleshooting the extra 200-ms request latency online

Photo by Yichun Zhang

EdgeLang: A Powerful and Efficient Language for Gateway Logic

Pinpointing leaked Lua tables with OpenResty XRay's command-line tools

Real-Time Request Counting against Nginx Processes via YSQL

Photo by Yichun Zhang

Using request IDs to troubleshoot problematic requests in OpenResty Edge gateways

Configuring hCaptcha’s captcha webpages in OpenResty Edge

Configuring SNI proxies in OpenResty Edge

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